About Us

Ojas Softech Pvt Ltd is the company behind AstroSage.com, #1 astrology portal and AstroSage Kundli, #1 astrology mobile app. The company pioneered the genre of astrology service since its inception in the year 2008 and continued to lead the “astrology” category online. On the other hand, AstroSage Kundli mobile app has dominated the digital market and been downloaded more than 10 million times via various platforms. Ojas Softech has been recognized as the promising startup by Google and found its place in Google's Launchpad program. Facebook also recognized Ojas by selecting it in FBStart program.

Ojas Softech is one of the few bootstrapped profitable Internet companies in India. Driven by innovation, agility, creativity, and visionary leadership and a great culture of entrepreneurship, it is unmatched in the areas it is operating.

We’re a product based company, pioneering in top-notch iOS and Android mobile app development, AI technology and offering Virtual Reality experiences. We use the wide experiences and create the best technical solutions using modern technologies such as Google App Engine, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, TensorFlow, SaaS, Cloud Computing, Mobility, Big Data, Analytics, Vernacular and many more. Known to build an extensive portfolio of AR/VR games, AI projects, mobile apps, videos, innovation, research and development, our company is one of the few bootstrapped profitable Internet companies in India.


To solve the problems of common people using modern tools & technologies


We develop technologies to improve the life of a common man